hemochroma PLUS FAQ

Can I measure using examinee’s fingertips?

Yes. In addition to collecting fingertips, venous blood can also be measured by pipetting into a cuvette.

Do I have to use a battery?

No. You can also use the cable by connecting it to a PC.

Is it easy to clean when it is contaminated?

Yes. Since the holder for inserting the cuvette is detachable, it can easily be cleaned by inserting alcohol into the swab after detachment.

Why should patients take this test?

Having symptoms of weakness, dizziness, pale skin and cold hands and feet, Parents or other immediate family members have had a history of any blood disorder, If current diet is very low in iron and mineral content, Suffering from a long-term infection, They have suffered an excessive blood loss due to injury or surgical procedure, They are pregnant.

What does the hemochroma PLUS test detect?

The hemochroma PLUS test is a quantitative test for the determination of hemoglobin concentration in non-anticoagulated capillary (finger-stick) whole blood or venous whole blood.

Do patients need to go on a special diet before or during collecting the sample?

No special pre-testing diet restrictions are required.

Does the hemochroma PLUS Test have any medicinal restrictions?

No typical endogenous and exogenous substances showed there was interference
(List of substance tested can be found in the package insert under Performance Characteristics)

Should we run external controls with this kit?

Controls are recommended in accordance with local, state and /or federal regulations or accreditation requirements.

Can I use a thrid-party control or microcuvettes with the hemochroma PLUS analyzer?

No. Use only the hemochroma PLUS Controls and microcuvettes. We can not guarantee compatibility of a third-party item with our system.

How long does it take to have a result available after performing the test?

Test results are available within 3 seconds once the test has begun.

What is the measuring range of the test?

The measuring range is: 5.0 – 25.6 g/dL.

What is the shelf-life of the hemochroma PLUS test kits and components?

The hemochroma PLUS analyzer does not have an expiration date. The hemochroma PLUS Microcuvettes and Optical System Check have a 24-month shelf-life from D.O.M.

How many test results are capable of being stored in the hemochroma PLUS analyzer?

The analyzer can store 1000 patient results at a time. The device will begin over-riding the oldest results after the 1001 test has been performed.

How often should I clean the microcuvette holder?

The microcuvette holder should be cleaned at the conclusion of patient testing, on days of testing. It can be cleaned with alcohol or a mild soap solution. This is the only maintenance required for the device.

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